Hossam Meneai

          Rock designer, sculptor and filmmaker

What we do.

Custom-made designs in the style of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman architecture.
     Concrete walls imitating rocks,
bricks, etc.
Waterfalls, fountains, flowerpots, sculptures, bas-reliefs, fish aquarium and all together in one.

Who is SOKO ART?

Soko Art is a design studio for creative interior finishing elements and the so-called small architecture. We design and make concrete walls and decorations imitating rocks, bricks, stones, the surface of the moon, etc. We build interiors resembling rock caves and caves, fountains with closed water circulation, and swimming pool casings. We create bas-reliefs and sculptures in the style of ancient Egypt, Greek and the Roman Empire.

The owner of Soko Art is the Egyptian sculptor Hossam Meneai, who has worked for many years for the largest hotels, resorts and exhibitions in Egypt, designing and building
similar small architectural objects.
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    Hossam meneai

Blog: https://rockdesigner.blogspot.com/  
tel: +48 514 421 872  (Poland)
What'sApp: +49 162 4759735 (Germany)

Work samples